Is there electricity at Seboomook Wilderness Campground on Moosehead Lake?

SWC offers a true wilderness experience while providing basic amenities. We are located off the grid therefore do not have conventional electricity. We make our own electricity with a generator system. The generator system does not run all the time, but when it is on, electricity is available to campers during the generator hours. The generator comes on twice during the night for very short periods of time to give freezers a little kick.

Will my cell phone work at Seboomook Wilderness Campground?

It depends on your carrier. Some folks are able to make calls from the front porch of the store – (especially if they wear a tinfoil hat and stand on one leg, holding one arm up). Others are not. Text messages are usually no problem to send and receive. Although, you may indeed be able to use your cell phone to make calls at Seboomook Wilderness Campground, you should not count on it.

Is Internet/Wi-Fi available?

Yes – during the hours that the generator is in operation. There is no extra fee for the use of Seboomook Wilderness Campground’s Wi-Fi.

Is cable TV available?

We prefer watching the deer. Cable TV hook-up is not available.

Can I bring and operate my own generator?

Yes, by all means. Generators must be turned off during quiet hours – from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

Can I purchase a fishing license at Seboomook Wilderness Campground?

Yes! And fishing law books are also available in the store.

Can I dock my boat at Seboomook Wilderness Campground on Moosehead Lake?

Yes! We have a marina where you can launch your boat, rent a slip, and gas up!

Are there kayaks and canoes available for rental?

Indeed! And we’ll even give you paddles and personal floatation devices.

Do the cabins have sheets and blankets on the beds and towels available?

No, they do not. Please bring sleeping bags or your own fresh sheets and linens and towels.

Can I buy gas for my boat and vehicle at Seboomook Wilderness Campground store?

Yes! We sell both regular gas and diesel.

Can I buy propane at Seboomook Wilderness Campground Store?

Yes! We can fill your tanks for you and small cans are available in the store?

Is ice and camp wood available for purchase at the Seboomook Wilderness Campground Store?

Yes – we have enough ice available to keep your drinks cold and enough firewood to keep your fires burning!

What is the nearest full service store to Seboomook Wilderness Campground?

Indian Hill in Greenville is the last stop to get supplies before coming in to the campground. Our store carries the basics – butter, snacks, hot dogs, condiments, coffee, beer, soda, canned and powdered milk, along with a few other grocery items and souvenirs.

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