Seboomook Wilderness Campground

All roads lead to Seboomook…

You can get there from heah – but its probably not a good idea to use your GPS device. We have heard of inconsistencies and campers taking the very, very long way around at the behest of their GPS units.


  • North on I-95, Take Exit 157 in Newport
  • Go LEFT off the exit ramp
  • Go NORTH on Routes 7, 11, and 23 (Corinna, Dexter, Sangerville, Guilford, Abbot, Monson, Greenville)
  • Go LEFT on Route 6 and 15 to Rockwood
  • Once you get to Rockwood, watch for Moose River on the RIGHT
  • Take a RIGHT to cross over the Moose River Bridge
  • After crossing over the bridge, bear right on that main road. The road is paved at this point but will turn to dirt.
  • Stay on this road (Northern Road) for approximately 21 miles. DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THE MANY SIDE ROADS.
  • After approximately 21 miles, you will come to a STOP SIGN. This is Seboomook Rd.
  • Turn RIGHT on Seboomook Rd. Stay on Seboomook Rd. for approximately 13 miles and it will bring you right into the Seboomook Wilderness Campground.
  • Travel slowly for your safety and yield to logging trucks. We find that it is greatly appreciated when campers pull over and come to a stop to yield to the loggers as they work.