Yesterday we went into town for supplies. We got about 4 inches of snow the night before and into the day yesterday. I am beginning to feel rather like the pro at driving my sled…as long as we don’t too fast. I am now up to a consistent speed of 30…mostly. I find that if I hum the Mission Impossible Theme Song that helps me to increase my speed by a bit. I will need to watch that kind of thing, however. There was that one time that I had just watched the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith and I was pretending to be Angelina Jolie’s character on Lucille, my dirt bike. I went to do a skid stop thing where the vision in my head for the moment had been to carve a deep rut in the dirt as the rear of my bike swung around in what would amount to a very stylish stop that completed itself with an impressive spray of dirt. My super-cool would not be muted by the fact that I was wearing an old snow mobile helmet rather than a sleek dirt bike helmet. It was muted, however, by the fact that I pulled the front brake instead of the rear. And as I scrambled up from the deep rut my body had carved into the dirt in front of my bike, spit the sand out of my mouth and remounted Lucille who was still rumbling on her side, a little nonplussed at the situation, I had a sudden recollection of that moment in the 1988 presidential debate in which Senator Lloyd Bentsen said to Senator Dan Quayle “…You’re no Jack Kennedy”. The same is true of me and Angelina Jolie.
Water is the biggest consideration presently. We have 3 large kettles on the heater all of the time, filled with snow that melts and is then poured into a new 32-gallon trash can. This is for watering dogs, washing up, flushing toilets, doing laundry, washing dishes – all of those things we all do in a day by turning on a faucet, never giving it a thought -present company included. Conservation becomes key very quickly. Washing up water, laundry and dish water can be recycled for flush water. We have large plastic jugs for cooking and drinking water and that will be part of our ongoing re-supply. And just like a watched pot never boils…a watched kettle of snow never melts.
Now, if you’re a girl who takes her make-up and big earrings with her no matter where she goes, and I am, there are a few items that your vanity will not allow you to go without. Among them – a comb or a brush. Which I forgot. When we woke on the first morning, it was an issue. I stood in the middle of the kitchen in Store Cabin with my hair half in tangles and half in what appeared to be semi-tidy dreadlocks – which actually gave me pause for thought. I thoroughly rankled every backpack and duffle bag in the camp. The only thing that remained untouched was the Norman’s toiletry bag – and I knew better then to ask him if he had a comb in there. After trying to separate the knots with my fingers to no avail, a thought suddenly occurred to me: Arial from The Little Mermaid and the fork turned Dinglehopper. I went to the silverware drawer and – not only was there a Dinglehopper, but there was a super-sized one! So, from Sunday until the trip into town yesterday, my hair was combed with a Dinglehopper. And it worked!
Along with the Dinglehopper, it never occurred to me that I would need a mirror. There is a mirror in Store Cabin, but it is tucked up over the dim space behind the toilet – not exactly where I want to put my make up on each morning. In the absence of a mirror, the Snapchat App works splendidly – although I look like one of those Vloggers trying to film a how-to makeup segment that no one in their right mind would ever be interested in watching. For those of you who might need this very extremely useful information sometime in the future, the Snapchat app is more tolerable then the Mirror App and the phone camera. It seems to effectively mute elements like puffy eyes, wrinkles, large pores – making the starting canvas appear much better than what it actually is in reality. But in the morning, especially before coffee, by all means, lie to me. Especially when it comes to matters like puffy eyes and wrinkles.
Over and out…with the promise of something at least slightly more riveting next time! 😉
Current conditions in Seboomook – 28 degrees, light snow, and a yard full of deer (14 last count)