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All roads lead to Seboomook…

You can get there from here – but it's probably not a good idea to use your GPS device. We have heard of inconsistencies and campers taking the very, very long way around at the behest of their GPS units.


Your adventure to Seboomook will take you over approximately 30 miles of dirt roads thought the lush woods of Northern Maine! You may see deer or moose so have your camera ready! And yes, large campers can make the trip! We have had every size camper visit us at Seboomook! Call us for reassurance and encouragement 😊 (207) 280-0555

  • North on I-95, Take Exit 157 in Newport
  • Go LEFT off the exit ramp.
  • Go NORTH on Routes 7, 11, and 23 (Corinna, Dexter, Sangerville, Guilford, Abbot, Monson, Greenville).
  • Go LEFT on Route 6 and 15 to Rockwood.
  • Once you get to Rockwood, watch for Moose River on the RIGHT.
  • Take a RIGHT to cross over the Moose River Bridge.
  • After crossing over the bridge, bear right on that main road. The road is paved at this point but will turn to dirt.
  • Stay on this road (Northern Road) for approximately 21 miles. DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THE MANY SIDE ROADS.
  • After approximately 20 miles, you will come to a T in the road with a STOP SIGN. This is Seboomook Rd.
  • Turn RIGHT on Seboomook Rd. Stay on Seboomook Rd. for approximately 13 miles and it will bring you right into the Seboomook Wilderness Campground.
  • Travel slowly for your safety and yield to logging trucks. We find that it is greatly appreciated when campers pull over and come to a stop to yield to the loggers as they work.