Hunting & Fishing

A Fantastic Fishing and Hunting Experience in the wilds of Moosehead Lake


Seboomook Wilderness Campground is located right on the shores of the Moosehead Lake - where fishing enthusiasts regularly make the trek to pull bragworthy brook trout, salmon, and lake trout from its depths.

Launch your boat at our marina and spend the day on the lake, or stand on the dock and cast in the early morning with the kids. Either way, you are likely to get something on the end of your hook.

If you want alternatives to lake fishing, the world-class brook trout and salmon waters of the famed West Branch of Penobscot are within a 10-minute drive from the campground. In addition, there are countless smaller lakes and ponds in the same area that are considered trophy brook trout waters.



In the fall, hunting opportunities abound in the region surrounding Seboomook Wilderness Campground. Although hunting is not allowed on the campground property, thousands of publicly and privately owned acres next to SWC are open to hunting. Seboomook Wilderness Campground makes an excellent location to base your Moose hunt, in WMD Zones 8, 4, and 9.

Whether you are a bear hunter, a bird hunter, deer hunter, or one of the lucky moose hunters, come back at the end of the day and relax at our comfortable and affordable cabins and campsites, with spectacular views and a wilderness experience that is true Maine.


Hunting Seasons & Info

  • Bear hunting starts in the fall
  • Baiting is allowed on the public lands near Seboomook Wilderness Campground. (Contact the Public lands office in Farmington for additional info).
  • Moose hunting is available by permit only in all three WMDs.
  • October is the month for bird hunting. Grouse is the king in the north country. Whether you prefer to cruise the woods roads or follow man’s best friend through the thickets, you will find your time is well spent in the hills and valleys surrounding Seboomook Wilderness Campground, with its offerings of excellent hunting of waterfowl, woodcock, and grouse.
  • November brings firearms season for deer to the north country and the big bucks of Seboomook are legendary. Year after year some of the largest White-tailed deer in the State of Maine are taken from the forests surrounding Seboomook Wilderness Campground. The deer herd is rebuilding from the harsh winters of past years, and it is not uncommon to see a deer while traveling to and from Seboomook Wilderness Campground.

Seboomook Guide Service

Norman Lewis is Seboomook Guide Service. Norman brings a wealth and breadth of hunting experience and outdoorsmanship to the guiding services that he provides. A retired Maine Game Warden of 28 years and native Mainer, Norman comes from a long line of hunters and outdoorsman who taught him the values, traditions, and heritage of hunting and fishing in Maine.

He began hunting with his father, uncles, sisters, and cousins at age 10. Norman prides himself on his approach of uniquely tailoring the hunting and fishing experiences that he provides to that of the needs and desires of the client he is guiding. If you are in need of excellent Guide service for your deer, moose, or grouse hunt, call (207) 280-0555 to book a guided expedition with Seboomook Guide Service.